One night a little boy called Ben had a problem and

that problem was that he couldn’t get to sleep because he heard strange noises

so he went out side.

He was scared.

The noises was coming from his friend’s house.

Someone was sing ”jingle bells jingle bells jingle bells” and so on.

It was torture.

I went inside house by geting in from the window.

I’m in the buthroom and i found out who

was making a big noises I went home

and still could hear

the noises so I put on some earmuffs on.

what christmas means to me…

My family goes to my Nana and Grandads or my Grandma and Grandads house.We stay the night at my Nana and grandads house and open our presents then we go  to my Grandma and grandads house for lunch and  open our other presents!!! But this year we can not do that because we are in chch so we are going to have a special Christmas this year.


It was a dark night. there were no one on the streets. Ben was having his dinner when…..


The old lady across the road was screaming for help “help help”she screamed “I’m getting attacked by ghosts there recking my beautiful house “.

Ben and his family quickly got up from the dinner table and ran across the road to help.

They went like mad chasing the ghosts all around the destroyed house. The ghosts were biting him. Help a ghost is trying to kill me”. “Are you alright Ben?” his mum and dad were racing up the stairs coming as fast as they could. Finally his parents came. Then they said “it was just a dream Ben so calm down Ben”. “oh no, the ghosts have got me ahhhh!”

What Christmas is to me

On New years  day in the morning we have a family brunch with my aunties and uncles. On Christmas day we can’t open all the presents at once,we usually open a few in the morning,a few later. The thing I like about Christmas is when you wake up and it feels like a normal day but it isn’t! You feel really exited!!! just going into mum and dads bedroom and looking under there bed and seeing presents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!          



A scary night

One dark and spooky night Ben was asleep in a tent. Suddenly he woke up and heard scary noises coming from outside. At first he ignored the noises but then he heard it come closer and Ben jumped right out of his skin! When he saw what was making the the noise “a ghost” he said trying to get out of his sleeping bag and screamed at the top of his voice which woke up the rest of the campground. In the morning every was still asleep except for Ben who was tidying up the mess the ghost had made.That afternoon Ben left and never came back!!!!!    

a dark night

dark struck the sky and a crash of lightning came by.Ben hid under his cover in his bed he was really scared and frightened Mum came in and said :are you OK I brought in a hot chocolate for you.Ben said : i am scared of the noises his Dad came in to.they stayed with him he felt better and fell asleep and was OK.Thank Goodness for that his Mum and Dad said.

At christmes my family are going to whealwaching me and my mum are going weeth the plain my dad and my brather Is going weth the boat. sam tims I get sick. and I doant lik and we are going to nelson.